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Disneyland Valentine’s Day Fail

On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I decided we should celebrate at Disneyland. Disney is our go-to when we don’t have much money to spend as we get in for free anyway so, why not?

Now I know Disney is not too huge on decorating for small holidays like V-Day, but I was hoping they would have a few treats and merchandise items here and there.

Well, not really.

The most I could find was a treat or two titled “seasonal treats” that happened to be pink.

Does Disneyland not like Valentine’s Day?

I was planning on taking pictures of all Valentine’s related items for this blog, but seeing as how there were none, I took pictures of anything pink and/or love related!

There were not much of those, either.

The first item I came across were these cute, marshmallow Cheshire Cat tails. Not Valentine’s related, but still adorable! I found these at Main Street Confectionery, but they sell them anywhere they sell sweets, like Pooh Corner. These run around $4.99.


Speaking of Pooh Corner, this is where I found the “seasonal treats.” They had a marshmallow Rose, a pretty pink Mickey oreo treat, and Valentine’s Day colored rice Krispie treats. (hiding to the left)


Please excuse the lighting, it’s quite dim in Pooh Corner!

At the back of Main Street Confectionery, there are these pretty pastel colored taffy treats! You can scoop your own and the prices for these are:

1/4 pound – $3.25
1/2 pound – $6.50
3/4 pound – $9.75
1 pound – $12.95


If you don’t feel like choosing between all the flavors, they also have boxed taffy.

Next up are these adorable Prince and Princess couple lollipops. I believe they have these all year, but I had to include them as they were romantic! They also sell these anywhere you can buy treats and are around $3.49.



This next one is not quite romantic, but the colors go with the theme, and I just love Princess Leia so I had to include her. These were also at Main Street Confectionery and are $5.99 a box.


So that was pretty much it for Valentine’s treats, but since we are on the subject of Leia, I found these Han and Leia hats at The Star Trader. Aren’t they cute?! I’m not much of a hat person, but I almost bought one of these. Almost.

Rebel Love

Keeping up with the Star Wars theme, I came across this Yoda Valentine’s Day Pin. Please excuse my hand, I had to hold the pin up for lighting.


The Emporium did have a collectible Valentine’s Day pin, but it was gone by the time I went back to buy it.


*Image not mine*

Ugh! I should have bought it when I had the chance! Tangled is my favorite newer Disney movie, and this pin is too funny! I can’t believe I missed out on it. Maybe they will have it again when I go back?

If you’re a fan of Build-A-Bear, then you’re in luck! They have super cute and cuddly Valentine’s bears! I’m pretty sure they will be keeping these for a bit, and they are having a sale 2 for $35. You can also get these on their website. Some of them also have scents!


I’m a little disappointed, though…passing by the store I did not see the Pikachu one inside. I’m hoping they didn’t take Pika away!

Another super pink item I found was this Minnie Mouse mug with textured heart. This was inside World of Disney, located in Downtown Disney.


So that’s it! That is pretty much all the pink, somewhat Valentine’s Day related items I found at Disneyland. I’m not a huge fan of the holiday anyway but it would have been fun if it were a little more festive.  If you’re planning on visiting next year for Valentine’s Day, make sure to eat at the restaurants as they do holiday meals and desserts!



Throwing this in because it was too adorable not to.


Just look at these caterpillar marshmallow treats! Look at them!!!



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