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Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 Cosplay

Yesterday, I decided to attend Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 with my boyfriend. I was technically supposed to go to work, but it was canceled. So why not spontaneously buy LBCE tickets and head over?

We have been before, but for some reason this year it seemed a bit smaller. No worries, though! We still had tons of fun. We even got a quick glance of Jason Momoa!

I did not get as many cosplay photos as I was planning, mostly because they were already pre-occupied with media and professional photographers, but I still got a few. All of them were super sweet as well!

Besides the cosplayers, our favorite part of conventions is always the Artist Alley. Sometimes we buy prints as soon as we get there, other times we have to think about which ones we want and we end up buying them at the very end of the con. Surprisingly, we only bought two this time! I’ll post those towards the bottom.

Onto the cosplayers!


I’m going to start off with the first cosplayer I saw, and she was hands down the cutest!


Such a princess! She was super adorable and when I asked for a picture, I got a super excited “Yeah, sure!” She also gave me a high five after. I always love seeing kids at conventions. It always makes my heart melt. Also, look at her super proud dad on the right!


D.VA online! She was super friendly and I love when cosplayers are excited to pose for you. Please excuse the horrible lighting, I am not the best photographer and I took this picture on a whim. She walked up as I was looking at prints and I just had to get a picture. Make sure to check out Art of Dat (that’s the booth were at) He’s a great artist and my boyfriend and I both have prints from him. He is the one who does all those awesome rockabilly overwatch prints! (below)dczkzms8zkqjvioqwcio



Next up is this awesome couple cosplay! They are cosplaying as Krieger and his virtual wife from the show Archer. They were both super sweet and they look amazing!



Magnifique! Another amazing couple cosplay. Widowmaker from Overwatch on the left, and her boyfriend on the right. I feel like I’m losing out on nerd points because I don’t know who he’s cosplaying as. If you know, please let me know! Widow does not have an Instagram, but I will link her boyfriend’s.

Cosplayer: Rockusarollus

Mercy widow

Here she is again with a few more Overwatch ladies. A Mercy and another, more French, Widowmaker. Ouh là là.

Mercy: Frekki Cosplay

Anna mercy

More Overwatch? Sure, why not! Doctor Angela Ziegler and momma Ana.

Angela: Moon.Chi.Cosplay

Ana: Wolfia Cresent


How amazing is this Infinite Crisis Hawkgirl? I could never construct anything like this, nor would I have the patience. One of the reasons why I love cosplays so much is you can see how much time and effort these people put into it. I believe it truly is an art form. I hope I can reach this level one day!

Infinite Crisis is a DC published storyline that was released between 2005 and 2006. It is a sequel to the 1985 limited series crisis on Infinite Earths.

Hawkgirl: Sarah Storm Cosplay

Jon Snow

Do you like my strategically cropped photo of Jon, Arya and Lady Mormont? It’s crazy how much these cosplayers look like the actual characters! I give these cosplayers an A+ (not that I was grading, but if I were, they definitely pass) You may recognize the Jon Snow cosplayer on the right, he’s infamous for that cosplay and travels around to different conventions as Jon Snow.

Jon Snow: Con.Snow


Okay, these two were clearly having lots of fun with this cosplay! On the left we have Cloud, but with Aerith’s hair, and on the right Aerith with Cloud’s hair. I had to wait in line to get this picture as the photographer in front of me was getting about 100 action shots and video, but it was worth it! They were both so sweet.

Cloud: Krysteline Cosplay


Yer Jalan Atthirari Anni” “Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni”  One of my favorite Daenerys cosplays. My boyfriend pointed her out and I had to run over and get a picture! Check out her Instagram below. She got a picture with Jason Momoa. How perfect!

Daenerys: Slightly Identical

Jedi Belle

Jedi Belle! I’m super upset I could not get a better picture of her. She was waiting in line for a professional picture and I did not want to ask her to move. Nevertheless, she looked totally amazing.

Jedi Belle: Jennifer

zatanna 2zatana


Last up is this beautiful Zatanna! Zatanna is a favorite of mine and I don’t see her cosplayed as much as I would like. She was really enjoying all the attention and was having so much fun posing for photos. That’s what I love to see! People having fun! She was such a sweetheart, too.

Zatanna: Sadie Honey Cat

Why I love conventions

The first convention I ever went to was Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015 (now Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con) and ever since then, I was hooked. It is such a friendly environment, and I always feel so at home at a convention. You can find all sorts of people there, even families! When you go to a convention nobody will judge you for who you are or how you’re dressed. Conventions make you feel comfortable and you meet the best people.

It is also a great place to find and support artists. I have never had a booth, but how fun must it be to put your artwork on display and have hundreds of people come up and support you? Whether it be them buying something, taking a business card, or simply complimenting the artist.  How amazing is that?

I wish everywhere I went had that convention atmosphere. No judging, no feeling uncomfortable or “out of place”, and that’s how it should be everywhere.

Damn you post-con depression! Next up, Wonder Con!





Do you need a Dragonite Pikachu? Because I need a Dragonite Pikachu. This is from the Pikachu Nebukuro collection.


Miku! They tried to sell me Racing Miku and the Winter Miku together for $50, but I don’t have that kind of money. (unless they were Sonico!)


One of the many comic book booths at LBCE. They had Spider-Man issue #252 protected on the shelf, and my boyfriend was proud that he had that issue.


So that’s all for this convention! Sorry I didn’t get too many pictures. This convention was pretty small, but I plan to cover more conventions this year and I will be sure to get plenty of pictures and video.


Please make sure to like this post and give me a follow! Also, leave a comment telling me your favorite convention so far! Or if you have not attended one, which would you want to go to?


🌸Love, Luna🌸



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3 thoughts on “Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 Cosplay

  1. Sooo many great cosplays. I immediately knew Kreiger and his virtual wife (I’m playing Lana Kane from Archer in the C2E2 convention in April). The Game of Thrones Cosplayers were spot on and also the Overwatch heros. Looked like a ton of fun!

    -Luna 🙂


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