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Loot Crate Unboxing: Feb ’17 Build

Today I did a Loot Crate unboxing for February’s theme BUILD. If you don’t know what Loot Crate is, it is a monthly geeky subscription box.

At Loot Crate we offer up a unique monthly box of awesome for every fandom, enthusiast group and style. Pick your crate and get excited.

Loot Crate charges you monthly, but if you are not feeling that months theme, you can always choose to skip a crate before the 5th of that month.

The original Loot Crate comes with Over 4 FAN-tastic items delivered every month” and promises you will receive items worth around $45 in total.

Example of a Loot Crate box

Alongside the original Loot Crate, they have LootCrateDX, LootAnime, LootGaming, LootPets and LootWear. LootCrateDX contains larger items with a combined retail value of around $100, LootAnime is similar to the original crate but has different anime themes each month, LootGaming contains items from the “Biggest and Best Gaming Universes”, LootPets gives you items exclusively for pets and LootWear brings you franchise inspired wearable items. They have a crate for everyone!

This Months Crate Unboxing

Now, let’s get to the unboxing!

I usually receive my Loot Crate about 1-2 days after shipment as I live fairly close to the warehouse, but this one has been sitting on my floor for a few days. Sorry, I have work and school! So today I finally opened it!


So here is what the crate look like. Sleek, simple design that leaves you totally guessing as to what’s inside.


This month happened to be Loot Crate’s 5th anniversary, so they came out with a new logo. Happy Anniversary Loot Crate!

Loot Crate’s old logo

Let’s open the box.


Loot Crate promises a shirt in every box, and you can see it right away, along with the first item.

Our first item is the “Exclusive” Batman Food Container. Officially licensed by DC comics, this plastic Batman food container is designed to keep your food safe. The top of the head screws off and it’s perfect for storing snacks on your desk!

Our next item is the super cool, flexible Tetris magnet sheet. I’m not a huge fan of magnets, (my cute but deadly Blizzard magnets are still in its packaging) but I definitely need to find a home for these. Loot Crate even gives you a blank Tetris screen in the Loot Crate booklet so you can color in your own.



Next up is The LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Fun Pack. Loot Crate is known to have various selections of a certain item in a crate, as in you will get 1 of however many are in a collection. In this case, I got Wonder Woman™ and her Invisible Jet, but other looters may have gotten Cyborg™, Unikitty™, Bad Cop™ or Benny™ from the Fun Pack collection.


I was particularly excited about this item. Building anything from LEGO® is always fun! The only downside was the box itself didn’t come with instructions to build the jet, but instead, you needed to place Wonder Woman™ on your  LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ play pad to activate the instructions. I don’t have the game, but with a quick search on the internet, I found the instructions.


I think I did a pretty good job!

Time for the shirt! Please excuse the wrinkles, I was too lazy to wash it for the blog. (Shame on me)


This months shirt is a Power Rangers Megazord T-Shirt! I like the blueprint style, and the description for the parts are in Japanese, which is always cool. This month I got the shirt in my boyfriend’s size. We switch every month to be fair. So this is now his! Loot Crate carries shirt sizes: Men’s Small to 5XL, and Women’s Small to 3XL.


Each Loot Crate comes with a pin exclusive to that month’s theme. This month we get a Megazord pin. So much Power Rangers hype! Anyone excited for the new movie?

Loot Crate Booklet

In every Loot Crate, they include a booklet that tells you about each item in your crate that month, along with other cool facts, stories and sometimes recipes! This month we got a parfait recipe.


Here’s the cover with this month’s theme, BUILD.

Above you can see the pages that contain info on the shirt and food container. It also shows other Fun Packs in the collection that you had a chance of receiving. Below that is info on the Tetris magnets and the Tetris coloring page.

They include other stories and articles. This month was an interview with Indie video game designer Jonathan Straw and an article about building your own tabletop RPG character. They also add fan pictures!


Now we come to the part of the booklet that I hate! What I missed out on by not being lucky enough to get the Mega Crate. Each month, one lucky, random looter gets shipped a Mega Crate. This month they got a 55-inch Ultra HD LED TV, a Batman Arkham Knight PS4 bundle, a Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord Action Figure, a LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ starter pack for the PS4 and a Tactbit 28-piece USB powered LED lamp set. This crate was a $2,000 value!


Past Mega Crates to make me cry even more.



Last, but not least! Not only do you get a bunch of cool items in each crate, but each one turns into something! Last month my crate turned into a comic book holder. This month you get to BUILD a robot! So cute. The instructions weren’t super clear, but I think I managed. What do you think?


So that’s everything for this month’s crate. All in all, the theme this month was not something I’m really into, but I am quite happy with the items anyway. Plus, my boyfriend likes the shirt so that alone makes up for it.

I have been subscribed to Loot Crate for over a year now, and they are pretty consistent with the quality of their items. When I first subbed, I remember they used to give you more items, but they were smaller. Plus, no shirt in each crate! Now, they’re giving us bigger, more valuable items and a shirt each month.

You can subscribe monthly to Loot Crate here, and they are also showing up at more and more conventions with con exclusive crates. So be sure to be on the lookout at your next big con!


Are you subbed to Loot Crate? What has been your favorite crate so far? Let me know in the comments!

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🌸Love, Luna🌸


4 thoughts on “Loot Crate Unboxing: Feb ’17 Build

  1. Awesome! The Megatron blue print T Shirt and Lego Wonder Woman looks absolutely amazing! I have a lootcrate subscription for the WWE SlamCrate which I received on Wednesday so I will probably do a post on that. There’s a sale in the vault right now so I might pick up the “Villains” crate :D. Thank you for the post!

    -Luna (I’m Luna as well, nice to meet you lol) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! My boyfriend likes it a lot and is planning to wear it to the Power Rangers movie premier. I will definitely check out your post! I am interested in seeing what comes in other crates. I love their sales. I definitely want the Futurama Planet Express model but sadly I am saving my money for SDCC tickets.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Nice to meet you too🌸

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! It’s going to be awesome when the movie releases :). I have completed the unboxing post but it will not release until tomorrow, but some pretty cool items are in the crate.


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