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New Overwatch Hero: Orisa

Introducing Orisa!


To summarize her origin story as told by Jeff Kaplan: During the omnic crisis, the OR-14s were designed to fight against humans before peace was made. The OR-14s were later updated to the OR-15s and were designed to protect the city from Doomfist, but failed. Enter Efi Oladele. Efi saw potential in the Or-15s and gathered up all the scraps she could from the destroyed omnics and created a “single heroic unit” named Orisa. Orisa is a “specific individual hero” programmed to help protect the city of Numbani.

Jeff Kaplan describes Orisa as a “central anchor of her team”. I just got done playing Orisa in PTR and I have to say, she’s incredibly fun to play! I’m a Mercy main, I like to heal, not tank, but I can easily see myself playing her if a tank is needed.

How does she work?


Fusion Driver: Orisa’s fusion driver hits hard with a large clip size, but slows her down when firing. Jeff Kaplan has said that her Fusion Driver has the longest range out of all the heroes.

Protective Barrier: Much like Reinhardt, Orisa has a protective barrier that she can drop close by or some distance away depending on where you aim. Allies can easily stand behind it and deal damage and is great for pushing forward.

Fortify: Fortify stops Orisa from taking damage for a short amount of time. Once she activates it, attacking enemies can not stop it.

Halt!: My favorite ability. With Halt! Orisa shoots out an orb and when activated, it draws nearby enemies to it. Like Zarya’s ult, but it only lasts a second.

Supercharge: Orisa’s ult is insanely useful. When she ults, she deploys a device that increases the damage dealt by your allies within range. The only downside is the device is fairly obvious and can be destroyed by enemies. It can also block any and all CCs!


Skins, Sprays and Victory Poses

Ready to spend some coins? Orisa has some cool skins and a ton of sprays! Let’s get to it.

I’m going to leave out the recolors, as they are never too interesting.

Not many skins for her yet, but she has great potential for some awesome skins. My personal favorite so far is Carbon Fiber. (middle right)

Sprays! Orisa has a ton of cute sprays, including some with Efi.

Orisa only has a few victory poses, but again, she is still new and I am sure we will see more soon.

My review

So after playing Orisa in PTR, I can see that she is going to be a great tank, possibly replacing Reinhardt in meta. For such a large hero, she moves surprisingly well and can easily move away to heal. Her abilities work well with her teammates and her ult will definitely come in handy when pairing with other ults. (Zarya+Orisa+Soldier or Pharah, can you imagine?) As for Orisa being paired with Bastion, I already saw a bunch of angry players. Setting her protective barrier in front of Bastion and letting him fire openly is already extremely annoying. Plus he just got buffed! The other downside is how her ult can be easily destroyed but overall she is insanely fun.

Her backstory was heartwarming, but as Jeff Kaplan said, Orisa is brand new to the Overwatch universe, so we have no idea what will happen to or with her. The feeling I got from her backstory video was that Orisa could easily do more damage than good. Even though she was programmed to help, she does not know her own strength and might become more of a threat than a savior. Even so, I am excited to see where her story goes.

Orisa is available to play in PTR now!

So, what do you think of Orisa? Have you played her yet? Let me know in the comments!


🌸Love, Luna🌸

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